"Cat Door with a Brush"


This cat door helps you hide the LITTER BOX & have a cleaner house !
It hides the litter box behind a closed interior door !

Are you tired of SEEING , SMELLING, or TRIPPING over kitty's litter box?
 This cat door ISOLATES the litter box from guests, toddlers & dogs.

This attractive cat door has a removable brush that grooms your kitty !

"... what a fantastic product CATHOLE is!
Not only did I receive it in record time but it was so easy to install! I did it all by myself!
( I am a 30 year old female!) ... and had the entire process done in less than hour
D. E.... Chicago, IL


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Only $34.95 plus s/h

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FREE NAME TAGS (see TO ORDER page for examples)
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These cat doors are made in America ---- Patent # 5,458,088

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Many cat owners are concerned about the safety of their cats and do not let them go outside. There are numerous articles written about the hazards that cats can experience when allowed outside.  The Humane Society addresses this issue .........
  ...."There‚Äôs a fairly simple solution to the problem of cats getting themselves into trouble, as well as killing and injuring wildlife: Keep them indoors. In recent decades, the U.S. has experienced a welcome shift in this direction. The proportion of owned cats kept entirely in the house rose from 56 percent in 1998 to 64 percent in 2008, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Association. Still, a significant number continue to wander" 
"Keep cats inside for their own safety ... "   

CATHOLE is a unique cat door that is designed for those owners who are concerned about this safety issue and keep their cats inside.

The purpose of CATHOLE is to help you hide kitty's litter box behind a closed inside door.  It installs easily in a basement, laundry room or spare closet door.  With the door closed, kitty can get to the litter box while dogs and toddlers are locked out.  The messy litter box is also isolated from the home "living space" providing a much improved environment for the family and guests.  Many families also use CATHOLE to keep their dogs away from the cat food.

CATHOLE has attractive arch frames that are made of furniture quality baltic birch.  The wood frames can be painted or stained to match the owner's decor.  This cat door also includes a removable brush that grooms kitty by collecting loose cat hair. The brush snaps in and out easily for cleaning.

Over 50,000 of these cat doors have been sold and we get very positive feedback from our customers.  The comments and pictures on our  PHOTOS  page show how much our customers love this cat door.

This cat door installs easily. Many of our customers also comment on this.   CATHOLE comes with complete easy-to-follow instructions.  Our  INSTALLATION  page shows detailed pictures of the installation process.

These cat doors can be purchased directly from us, the manufacturer, using our PayPal button or our mail-in order form,  We also have many distributors who carry our cat doors.  We have listed their names & (800) numbers on our TO ORDER  page.

If you purchase directly from us, we offer FREE personalized name tags that fit on the top of the arch frames.  We provide three types of name tags - see our PHOTOS page for pictures of these.  Cat names (and other interesting requests) that our customers have ordered are listed on our CAT NAMES page.  Some of these are a hoot !

Our experience is that 99.5% of all cats can easily get through this cat door.  However, we do offer a FAT CAT brush for very large cats (over 20 pounds).  This brush has shorter bristles and therefore provides a larger opening in the cat door.  (Since, this brush is not required for most cats, we only offer this feature through our direct sales.)   If you have a large cat and are interested in the FAT CAT brush, take a look at at our  INSTALLATION  page.

The brush we use is very durable.  However, we have had a few customers ask for replacements because their dog chewed the brush.  We sell replacement brushes (two for $20) - this includes shipping.  Customers can email us at  to request replacements.

If you want to know more about our experiences in launching and running our small cat door business, take a look at our  ABOUT US  page.



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