"Cat Door with a Brush"


How about putting your Kitty's name on the top of the arch frames?

When you order this cat door from the MANUFACTURER,
we offer a free personalized set of name tags!
You can choose from three different styles:  Brushed Silver,  Brushed Gold or transparent decals.

Example of the "BRUSHED GOLD" name-tag    

on a stained frame    

(name-tag only available when ordering from manufacturer)

Brushed Gold Tag on Stained Frame


Daisey Cat Door 6

Daisey Cat Door 2


Thank you so much for your wonderful product! This is exactly what we needed when we moved to our new house & the basement was the most logical place for Daisy’s "business box." We also have a 1 ½ yr. old daughter that we wanted to keep upstairs, but allow Daisy the freedom to go about her business without being locked away from the family

Please see the attached pictures ~ We hope you enjoy them.

Thanks again, we will definitely recommend your product & company to anyone who could use it!!

David, Jana (& Daisy) Haight
Whitewater, WI


Daisey Cat Door 1

Daisey Cat Door 7


"I just want to write to you
and compliment you on the great product
that you have come up with.

It took moments to install,
and perfectly solves a problem we had.
We hated leaving the door to the basement open
 and were sure that there had to be a "better way".

Sure enough, you have created that better way!

Great work and thank you!

Chris ... Perth, Canada


Cat Cave

"First let me say that I love the Cathole!
And so do my cats Alex and Toby.
Their safe space is through the Cathole if
 they get scared when I have guests over."

Mary Kay L
Naperville, Illinois



Brad Smith sent us some great photos!

We decided to dedicate a whole page to them.

take a look at Lucas, Hans, and Brad



Just thought I'd share this picture of our cat hole installation.

Looks great, 16 pound cat gets through no problem.

This is installed on the door leading down to the basement.

M. Decker   Landcaster PA


cat door M Decker Landcaster PA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with our new Cathole

I'm _looking_ forward to not _looking_ at the litter boxes!

Installation was very easy thanks to the detailed instructions

R. J....... Wheeling, WV

Two cats at Cat Door
Just wanted to say thank you for a
very wonderful  product. 
We have enjoyed our CatHole door
for almost 2 years now. 
Thought I would send some pics for
the producers of the best pet item I
have ever had the pleasure of purchasing! 
 C. W  .... Fergus Falls, MN.
Dog at Cat Door

"... what a fantastic product CATHOLE is.
Not only did I receive it in record time but it was so easy to install!
I did it all by myself! ( I am a 30 year old female!)
I rented a jigsaw from my local Home Depot store and had the entire process done in less than hour.
And my cat, Mandy, loves it!."
D. E. ... Chicago, IL


I thought you might like to see the finished product. 
I have attached a photo of Romeo and Juliet 
posing near it minutes after installation. 
The frames were easy to paint and installation was a snap. 
Now we can keep our basement door closed. 
This is truly a great product!

S.B.  Highlands Ranch, CO


Romeo & Juleit at cat door

... MISS KITTY ...

I've attached a picture of our cat 'testing' out her new Cathole.
She took to it right away and likes the brush.
The installation went well and I think it looks real nice.

C. Carpenter    Michigan


Miss Kitty Cat Door

Border Collie at Cat Door

     "I just finished installing the cathole in the basement door . 

     It took me less than twenty minutes to complete the entire process.

     .... photo of my border collie Duffy checking out the door

     Thank goodness he did not make it through. 

     He was the whole point of getting the Cathole to begin with.

     Thanks for a GREAT product .... I LOVE it!"

                C. R.  .... North Syracuse, NY

... Meecha loves the cathole and "the other side" of the hole is her safe haven....

Linda Thompson  ...  Satisfied Customer

Meecha loves Cat Door


Kieran waiting at cat door
We are extremely pleased with the Cathole.  I installed it myself with a few simple tools and painted it to match the new door.  It allows us to keep the door closed for the safety of visiting toddlers and still gives access to the critical kitty facilities downstairs.  The kitties were immediately comfortable using it, and they literally fly through the opening in the course of their chasing games. 

I get many comments from visiting friends, and I've hopefully sent you some business from telling folks about you.  I've attached a photo of Kieran waiting for his sister on the downstairs side of the door.

Thanks for making a great product!
Patty Reid  

... we had to previously close doors to keep our dog out.
I am so happy with the product that I will be ordering 2 more today.
I have attached an action shot of Cosmo coming through the door. 

If you can post this on your website, my kids will be thrilled!

Cheers,  Jeff Solomon  


"Your product is one of the most innovative & useful that I have ever purchased" ...
J.J. ...Appleton, WI

Feel free to share this video link on your Photos page:

Just got ours installed today (thanks for the fast shipping) and they LOVE it!

Troy Whistman

The Incredible Cat Cave from

... WINSTON leaving the CATHOLE...

G. W.   Plymouth, MN

Winston's cat door

Albus playing at cat door
Albus playing in his new cat hole!     
 Gary Jarrell           
red cat door for Albus

"I love your cat hole door and prefer to patronize not only small businesses but "Made in America" products. L.T

 ....Bartlett, IL


Sherpa  uses the cathole catdoor as a brush.

"Sherpa loves being brushed as she walks through the cathole".

M.F. .. Youngsville, NC



Chloe waiting at cat door

We really love our CATHOLE.  We call it pet hole as all of our pets use it.   

. ... The cats enjoy it so much at times it’s their play area along with Bella (our dog).  I haven’t got a picture of Chloe coming out yet.  So here she is sitting next to it.  Though Bella can go in and out to, she sits at the opening waiting for one of the cats to come thru to pounce on them.. 
 Kathlene H ..... San Jose, CA.
Bella looking thru cat door

"Thank you for a Great Product !" ... R.A. .. Buffalo, N.Y.

great idea

Overall, a great idea and well executed.   


I have a lot of experience with consumer durables and thought you might appreciate the feedback. 
 Dale Stitt ......West Chester, OH
very attractive cat door

" ...Then I saw your product on the internet. I fell in love with it immediately...
I will definitely show this to all my friends and anyone else who might want to see it."

C.S. .. Juneau, Alaska

Attractive cat door solution

Thank you for a wonderful, attractive solution!
I set up the camera and enticed Miko to come through the cathole. She ignored me
C. P.
Oakland, California


cat door in Quebec

Bonjour !

They love it and it really brushes them !

France Dionne

Quebec Canada

cats only

Dog peeking thru cat door


"We love the CATHOLE, as do Mittens, Hope, & Willis !!!" ... A.S. .. Ludlow, VT

Cathole in six panel door


"I rarely do this, but am certainly willing to give praise when it’s due.  This is a truly fine product – well made and easy to install.  The instructions were concise, and easy to interpret. 

I originally searched for something that was compatible with a 6-panel interior door. Interestingly, this was the only product I could find that really fit the requirement.  .......... and what’s more the kitties really seem to like it.  Nice Job – Kudos!"

C. Tompkins
Spring, Texas

"..Add our names to your list of satisfied customers!
Moreover, one of us is a veterinarian and will be happy to promote the cathole to clients needing a similar solution. ... "
J.F. & R.F.

Harley & Jersey name tag


I installed it last Saturday.  We love it!   

 Shane Polakowski...
.Harley & Jersey
very nice cathole painted black


.... it's great ! My cats like to run through it and hide from the dog !!"
(name tags ... SHADOW & MATTIE)
D. H. .... Brighton, MI

Maine Coons using cat door

Greetings from Tennessee!

Our two Maine Coons love to use it and

it does the trick of keeping our dog Suze

away from what would otherwise be her favorite place in the house!

Thank you for such a fabulous, problem-solving product.

Miguel & Meredith Valdez

"MAX loves it. It's in the door between the 'finished' and 'unfinished' areas of our basement".
R. C. ...Lake Orion, MI

Everyone loves it! Thank you!
Arlene Sutera

creative painting of cat door

Cat Door Allows Closed Doors

"... they use the cat door to access the litter box in the basement
and we can keep the door closed !! "

(name tags ... SPARKY & TIGGER)
K.B..... Highland, MI


... We're now able to keep the basement door closed
and Briquette has gotten quite used to going in & out on a regular basis.
It seems she also uses it as a lookout when we're going by in the hall
and doesn't want us to know she's there!! ...
JO PO JO & NO ... Clarkston, MI

basement door closed with use of a cathole cat door.


"They love it! So do we. Thank you for a great convenience.
No more messy litter box in my laundry room for all to see.
Plus, when we get a dog in May, my cats will want to thank you too! "
(name tags ... THE LION'S DEN)
S. A. .... Willard, OH

CATHOLE fits nicely in a wide variety of internal doors.

It can be used in hollow-core "luann" doors.

This cat door can also be installed in solid "six-panel" doors.

It fits both 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" thick doors.

Cathole's cat doors are for Internal doors

"Can't wait to get my CATHOLE !" ... L.G. .. Hovertown, PA
(name tag - ZELDA & ZACKERY)

Outboard goes through his cat door.

Outboard now gets to the basement

through his new cat door.

Previously, his owner had to leave the basement door open.

"It was just what we needed. .... and it only took 15 minutes to install! We love it and so do our cats!"
B.W. .... Lexington, KY

The frames can be decorated with stencils as shown here
or you can order an attractive set of free decals from us.     

Decorate your cat door with decals

"I am ordering this as a gift for my sister."
... G.F. ...Naperville,IL
(name tag -- MORRISEY)


I am writing to thank you for the Cat Hole. 
I was about to it from scratch while I saw your product. 
But I am very glad that I purchased from you instead. 
It's well designed and very easy to install. 
My family and the cats love it! 
Attached is a photo of Oliver's first visit to the Cat Hole.

Cheers Weiran

Yes, sir!   Looks great; cat loves it, dog hates it.   Life is good.
Thank you!

..Ray Pawley..

Bear next to her CATHOLE cat door.

This is Bear next to her CATHOLE cat door.

Her litter box is in a spare closet.

"Thank you for making such a great product. We can't wait to install it!"
... K.S. .. Oakdale, NY
(name tag - SCHNECK)

Chester loves his new "Apartment" that the Cathole has provided for him. 
He spends a lot of time in there and keeps it neat and tidy, he also loves the brush!  
He thanks you for your excellent product.
Rob and Ranee,
Felton, PA
Chester in cat door

"Great Product !"
... M.B. .. Ponte Verda, FL
(name tag - SHADOW & SKIPPY)

Kathryn Cat Door

Such an amazing idea. 
We love the cathole. We have ordered two.
We built a new home and left space in the attic door
and the hot water heater room for her litter box.


"I am completely happy with my cathole as are my two cats.
.... Thank you again for making a product that effectively and aesthetically keeps my dog out of the cats' litter area !"
... D.H. .. Montgomery, IL

ChLOE at Cat Door

We have proudly owned our cathole for years now,
 and people always remark how ingenious it is
 when they visit.
Ours is in the laundry room door so
the litterbox, food and water bowls stay hidden.
 .... Chloe has just joined our family and
she just learned to go through the cathole.

Jennifer Uhlman

Deco loves running from the dog through her cat door
"Deco loves her refuge from the dog
and we love the fact that he can't get to her litter box."

.... J.M.


We welcome your questions and comments on our cat door.
You can e-mail us (Jim or Carol) at ...... CATHOLE@AMERITECH.NET

Take a look at our "Our MOBILE Website"  


This cat door is made in America ---- Patent # 5,458,088

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