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CATHOLE ECO has very attractive plastic molded frames.

It has a new soft rubber molded brush that grooms your kitty.




It is shipped fully assembled.  You use the TEMPLATE to cut the opening in your door, slide the assembly over the opening and tighten the screws.





“I had super high hopes for the Cathole product and it did not disappoint.  I wanted a simple but stylish way for my cat to access our urility room where his bowls and scratching post are, while stopping our toddler doing the same.  All other products I could find were either in the style of the traditional plastic flap or had extravagant designs with ears and diamantes.  Cathole looked spot on and blends right in with our white doors.”  …..

Cutting the TEMPLATE
Centering TEMPLATE on Bottom of Door
Cutting Finished
Slip Assembly on &
Let Kitty Enjoy

“The installation instructions were simple and clear, and the process was easy.  Cutting a hole in our door felt a little daunting at first, but helpful tips in the instructions ensured we got it right.  The clever design of the product gives you some margin of error on cutting the hole too.  Once the hole was cut, the product just slides right on and after 30 seconds to tighten the screws – you’re done.”     ….

“The cat took to Cathole right away.  Unlike flaps, he could see his bowls through the door so went right through, and seems to like the brush that’s a part of the product.  My girlfriend found it funny that I did so much research to find Cathole, but it’s exactly what we were looking for and could not have been easier to set up.” 

Rob Peryer, UK

ECO is 100% Made in Michigan &

We are happy to say that we Launched it in 2020 ! 

The Product was Designed in Waterford, MI

The Design Engineering was done in Clarkston, MI

The 3D Printing for Prototyping was done in Oxford, MI

The Product testing was done in Waterford, MI

The CNC cutting of Injection Molds was performed in Lapeer, MI

The plastic parts are molded in Lapeer, MI

Our boxes are fabricated in Roseville, MI

The Instruction Sheets and Business Cards are printed in Waterford, MI

Our assembly, packaging, and shipping is done in Dearborn, MI

Our marketing and administrative work is done in Dearborn, MI

ECO Instruction